The Home Campaign

In the spring of 2017 we purchased 20 acres of land off county road 30 and Davidson in Delano. Since then we have been paying off the land and preparing for a building campaign to get us into our own building. 

In January of 2020 we officially launched the Home Campaign. Our vision is not to just build a church building but a home. A place where people can belong, find God and community. 

The Home Campaign's goal is to raise $800,000 which would pay off the land and secure a loan to break ground on a building. 

If you want to join the Home Campaign, you can read more about how below.

Join the Home Campaign!

Click below to fill out a form to join our church building campaign. We couldn't build without the generosity of everyone in our community. Every bit matters! Please pray about how much and how often to give. 

How Do I Give to The Campaign?

Because the HOME Campaign money is a separate investment, above and beyond the General Fund and normal donations people give to make our church run, there are 3 ways you can give to the HOME Campaign:


   a. Login to Push Pay App (download in your App Store)

   b. Click on Give

   c. Under “Giving Type” select “Building/Land Fund”

   d. Select if you want to give a 1-time or a recurring gift

2. Website (

   a. Click on Menu -> Give -> Give Now

   b. Login to Push Pay App (download in your App Store)

   c. Click on Give

   d. Under “Giving Type” select “Building/Land Fund”

   e. Select if you want to give a 1-time or a recurring gift

3. Check - 

   a. Fill out a check to “The Highlands Church” and write “HOME Campaign” in the Memo (Note: These checks must be separate from checks going towards the General Church Budget) 

   b. Drop it into the offering box on a Sunday OR mail it to: 

The Highlands Church

Attn: Home Campaign

1500 County Road 24

Long Lake, MN 55356

If you are interested in giving a non-traditional gift (i.e. Stocks, retirement distributions, etc...) email our Finance Administrator Greta Menozzi (

Your giving towards the HOME Campaign will be tracked by our Finance Director and reported as a separate line item on your quarterly giving statements. If at any time you’d like to know how much you’ve given towards the campaign, you can email Jana. We won’t be following up with people to ensure they fulfill their pledge. Our hope and prayer is that it will be a pledge of faith that is so life giving that it will sustain and encourage or people to stay committed through the 2 years of the campaign.


  • Why add one more church building to the Delano area? We believe a building expands our ministry impact. Not only now but for generations to come. Delano needs a church like ours now and 100 years from now. A building sets roots that we hope will see the gospel of Jesus Christ spread for generations to come.
  • When are we building? We plan to break ground in the Spring of 2021. 
  • Why $800,000? $800,000, plus the equity in the land gets us enough money for a downpayment on a mortgage of an initial build.
  • What are some of the biggest reasons why a building sooner than later would be a good thing? We love meeting at the school and have a great relationship with the school. However, there are no guarantees that the school will be a place we can meet at forever. A building creates stability. We also are limited in the scope of ministry we want to do because we don't have our own space. A building opens the doors to us doing the ministry we dream to do.
  • Will all my money giving to the Home Campaign go directly to the building? Yes. Every dollar designated to the building HAS to go to the building. It cannot be used elsewhere. 
  • Where can I see how much money we have raised? In our program that you can get every Sunday as well as in the Home Campaign ping pong ball meter at church.
  • Who will design and build the building? We have hired Station19 Architects to design our building. DJ Kranz will be our builder. 
  • How many people will the building accommodate? We are planning on an initial build that accommodates a 400 person auditorium and the necessary space for childcare. 
  • Will there be another fundraising campaign? We hope to do just one.
  • Who will know how much I have given to the campaign? Only our network finance people. No Highlands staff person will ever know how much you have given.
  • Should I move my general fund giving to the Home Campaign? No. You should start by giving the general fund. The Home Campaign is an ask above your giving to the ministry of the church. If people cease giving to the general fund, there will not be enough money to pay our expenses and do the ministry we need to do.
  • How do I keep track of my how much I have given to the campaign? Your giving to the Home Campaign will be shown on your quarterly giving statements. You can always email Jana Haugen if you want to know before you receive a statement.
  • How do I asked questions about the campaign and/or the building? You can email the building team at