We want to be a community committed to praying for each other. If there are things you want to ask from God or if you want to thank God for what he's done, this is the place to do so. 

Join us in praying

Below are prayer requests and/or prayer praises from people in our community who have chosen to share publicly. We ask that you join our community in praying for these requests and praises. 


Prayer appreciated as Joel, Curtis and I are all sick and have covid. As you know, this is a nasty illness. Thank you!


Please pray for my mom Louise. It appears she has been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. She and my dad are meeting with the oncologist on Tuesday to understand more from the results of the medical tests and treatment. My parents live in the Raleigh/Durham area. Praise that she is seeing doctors from Duke University. My mom is 79 and my dad is 80. They have been healthy so this news is rather sudden. She feels fine and having no symptoms. Also, pray for my dad, Bob, as he supports my mom emotionally.


My sister said they think it is an ulcer Still waiting to see the GI Dr. Sure had one many years ago but said there was so much blood that she panicked. (not sure this update went through so apologies if you get it twice)


My sister is still waiting to see the GI Dr but the others figure it is an ulcer. She had one many years ago but said there was just so much blood now that she was worried.


Please pray for my sister, Tiffany. She was vomiting lots of blood (other places also) She went to Buffalo hospital last night. They did not do any tests there. They were sending her to Abbott at 7 this morning.