Group Life

Diving in to a new church can be challenging. Knowing how to grow in your faith can be challenging. That is why joining a group is one of the best ways to grow in your faith and meet new people. 

Questions? Contact Alex our Connections Director!


Each house group will be focused on a specific topic or are sermon based. Each house group consists of 10-14 people who meet together on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in the home of someone from The Highlands. These groups will meet for fellowship, prayer and to dig deeper into God's Word by discussing and answering questions about the sermon that was given the Sunday before the group meets or discussing the content of the study they are doing.


Often times as parents, we hear all children need is love to succeed. Love And is a small group that was created to help parents of fostering, adoptive, and those interested in the foster and adoptive world. This small group was created to build a community within the church that looks at all the "ands" of parenting. Love and Christ, and respite, and therapies, and trauma informed parenting, etc.


TIME: 5-7pm

LEADERS: Abigael & Mark Lee

LOCATION: Lee home in Delano


Do you love to create? Do you enjoy being crafty or desire to be more crafty? This is the small group for you! Many of the finished crafts will be donated to people or groups within the community.

MEETS: Every other Monday evening

TIME: 7-9pm

LEADERS: Kristine Johnson & Brenda Kalous

LOCATION: Kalous Home {by the water tower}

COST: $25 (to cover the cost of supplies)

We look forward to crafting together!