The Aspen Grove Network has been sent to love people in our community, nation, and around the world! Check out the organizations and missionaries that The Highlands supports below:

McClain Family

The McClain Family is doing mission work throughout Minneapolis. They are serving as YWAM Missionaries and Site Directors. YWAM's mission is to know God and make Him known by training up young people in the gospel, evangelism, and mercy ministries. The McClain Family is taking this mission a step further by bringing the whole gospel to people by providing for people's practical and spiritual needs. 

Cory and Brooke Jackson

The Jackson family is currently serving in Thailand where they are studying at a language training center. Their goal is to train and disciple Christ followers in Thailand. To join us in prayer for them we are praying that the Lord would help them to build relationships with people in the community and that they would grasp the Thai language quickly.

Herkis and Maarja Roosimaa

Herkis and Maarja have set out to pastor a small church in Estonia and are working on planting more churches in the area.

Viktor and Hanna Paulsson

The Paulsson's are serving in Stockholm Sweden as they pastor a small church and strive to plant more churches around Sweden.

Andreas and Sandra Palm

Andreas and Sandra are in Swaziland. The Lord has called them to love the Swaziland people and plant churches in their community.

Joselo and Kristin

Joselo and Kristin have set out to the Dominican! Please pray for them as they work to mentor young people and teach them about Christ.

Poland Evangelical Mission Team

This organizations mission is to partner with locally established churches and help to plant new churches. The Poland Evangelical Mission Team helps these new churches by supporting them financially, sending work teams and missionaries to residents, help them to make disciples, provide encouragement and establish strong prayer support.

YWAM Missionaries & Students

In Minneapolis, YWAM is currently preparing to work with Ukrainian refugees in Romania. Join us as we pray for a property in downtown Minneapolis where they will be ably to host students for training schools. We also pray that YWAM would be able to do ministries like food shelf, mini health clinics, and homeless ministry.